About Us Philosophy

Peerless believes in "Excellence in Customer Service" in its pursuit to achieve its corporate objective.


Our focus is on total satisfaction of the Customer and this will continue to figure as our top most priority.
Bringing technology-based, prompt and personalized service, right at the investors' doorsteps and assuring them of the safety of their investment.

Human Resources

We recognize that our strength is in People. We try to ensure Total Customer Responsiveness by:

  • Providing flexibility by empowering people.
  • Learning from the best world class processes.
  • Adapting to change while remembering that change does not mean rejection of the past. It means relearning currently prevalent philosophy for a brighter future.
  • Continuing to achieve our goals through active cooperation and involvement of our people.

  • It is our aspiration to become the benchmark of corporate teamwork.

Information Technology

Anticipating Tomorrow

Information Technology is the tool to seize the future. The first mover in IT today will be the leader in market tomorrow. Peerless recognizes the significance of IT and its transformational possibilities. Which is why, it has used the power of It to bring together customers and employees on a common platform. this virtual network known as the Peerless Integrated Information System [PIIS] has revolutionised the way we do business and has reduced turnaround times drastically.
It has made transactions smoother, faster and more transparent. It has reduced time for resolution of grievances to just 14 days. PIIS has bridged the distance between us and our source of business, proving yet again that distance is dead and geography is truly history.

IT-CS department is ISO 9001:2015 certified.