Making financial security a reality

Peerless Financial Products Distribution Ltd. [PFPDL] distributes financial products viz. Life Insurance, Health Insurance, General Insurance and Mutual Funds of renowned ‘principals’. It’s dedicated to securing families who need better financial security for the future.
The global pandemic has increased the cost of healthcare driving the need for health insurance. PFPDL, in its endeavour to provide relevant products, is offering its health insurance along with distributing health insurance products of ManipalCigna. PFPDL has made its product available to the people living in the remotest areas of India through its efficient doorstep service.
Today, PFPDL has 42 branches and five lakh happy customers in its family. In the next five years, it plans to extend their services to ten lakh customers in the rural and urban sectors. PFPDL aims to take advantage of this digital boom to enhance its customer service and be readily available for its customers in their hour of need.
Jayanta Roy Peerless PFPDL has included retail loan products of Peerless Financial Services Ltd. (PFS) in its product basket to diversify its financial solutions. PFS will also be a Direct Selling Agent for the distribution of Loans against the Insurance Policy. This inclusion has received accolades as it will widen the PFPDL customer segment and improve on Share of Wallet of each customer.
PFPDL values its employees and considers them to be the greatest asset. Their hard work is recognized on various platforms and programmes. This in turn motivates them to word harder.
In the next few years, PFPDL plans to increase its product penetration in different new markets while improving its existing services to the customers.

Registered Office

Peerless Financial Products Distribution Ltd
3, Esplanade East, 2nd Floor
Kolkata - 700069