Atithi Deva Bhava

Atithi Deva Bhava – the eternal wisdom from Upanishadas that embodies the traditional Indian philosophy of revering guests as holy as the Gods has been the philosophy at the core of Peerless Hotels Ltd. It had been the guiding light of Late Shri S. K. Roy, who firmly believed that hospitality is the foundation of trust that creates a lifelong relationship with the guest.

Peerless Hotels is deeply rooted in the ethos of Indian culture and does not differentiate between guests or the extended family of employees when juxtaposed on the multicultural fabric of Indian society. It also abides by the code of conduct for safe and honourable tourism.

Aligned with the changing times, yet keeping its feet firmly on the ground of heritage, Peerless Hotels is reinventing itself. As a group, a transformational journey for all the five properties has been envisioned, with a facelift of The Peerless Inn, Kolkata, including improved façade and lobby renovation. Ego, the pub, will also be relaunched. An impressive plan for changing the entire experience at Peerless Resort, Mukutmanipur has also been approved. In sync with the market demands, for customer satisfaction and retention, an end to end digital journey is being put in place with CRM, WhatsApp for Business and Meta. The focus of communication is also shifting predominantly towards the digital domain. With the new website, improved guest experience as well as revenue is foreseen. Greeting of guests with Dipa (lamp) and Dhoopa (fragrance), the evening rituals where all the hotels are decked up with seasonal flowers are few of the initiatives undertaken for an emotional connect with the guests.

Checks and balances are being put in place for better business performance and the turnaround of The Peerless Inn, Hyderabad is a prime example of the same. While Aaheli is all geared up to become the best in its segment of offering, the relaunch of Ego will also be a landmark event. Going ahead, Peerless Hotels is all set for an exciting time with lot of laughter, happiness and good business.

Registered Office

Peerless Hotels Limited
12, J. L. Nehru Road, Kolkata-700 013